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Well Maybe Not Adventure, Romance, Joy, Destitution and Escape. Nothing Could Go Wrong. To Which Is Added the Vicissitudes of.

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The Black Company Awards

Check out the very best Reviews from our individuals. Together with Shimonoseki it is part of the Kanmon Straits area. In terms of area it is the largest city in Kyushu, though Fukuoka has the bigger population. The population of Kitakyushu is about one million or 1. Kokura, the heart of Kitakyushu, is an ancient feudal castle town guarding the Straits of Shimonoseki.

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Kokura was supposed to be the target of the second nuclear bomb in World War II. However, it was cloudy on the day of the attack and the plane diverted to Nagasaki instead. The modern city of Kitakyushu dates back only to , when the cities of Moji, Kokura, Tobata, Yahata and Wakamatsu were merged by administrative fiat.

Black company (Japanese term)

With a size much larger than the airport it replaced, the New Kitakyushu Airport hoped to increase tourism and trade dramatically. Most flights connect to Tokyo's Haneda and Nagoya's Komaki airports both within their city limits , but there are also several flights each week to and from Taiwan's Kaohsiung called Takao in Japanese. More than 30 buses per day run between the airport and the Kokura station, many of them nonstop, but most stopping at each train station along the way.

The first bus leaves Kokura station Bus Center at a.

Kitakyushu - Wikitravel

All San'yo Shinkansen trains stop at Kokura. Frequent Kodama runs are made between the two stations during rush hours. Kokura ferry terminal connects with Matsuyama in Ehime Prefecture , Shikoku. Shin Moji ferry terminal connects with Osaka , Kobe and Tokyo. The study also said that working over 80 hours of overtime accompanied by five or less hours of sleep per day will create an extremely high risk of karoshi.

However, employees can work overtime if their company and its labor unions, or representatives of more than half of its employees, sign an agreement based on Article 36 of the law, which permits overtime within the limits set by the labor ministry, generally 45 hours a month or hours a year.


According to the labor ministry, nearly 60 percent of large firms had set up Article 36 agreements with special provisions in , with Yuriko Koike announced in September plans to have officials of the metropolitan government leave work no later than 8 p. The central government, however, is still in the process of revising the law to institute a definite overtime cap.

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