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He leaves a trail for Steve Rogers, who finds a message on a napkin he used. After rescuing S. They later find Steve Rogers at the bowling alley restored to his prime, after Kobik used her powers to restore his youth when he was about to be killed by Crossbones. They begin to search for Kobik again only to discover that Baron Zemo had Fixer invent a device that would help find Kobik as Kraven the Hunter rallies the villains to help with their goals. Upon not being able to successfully locate Kobik, Steve decides to rally the heroes so they can take the fight to Baron Zemo.

Winter Soldier agrees to the terms as Kobik suggests that she brings some "friends" she made in Pleasant Hill with them. However, Zemo has other plans on Winter Soldier, deciding to tie him onto the rocket to be killed in its explosion. Once Sam Wilson returns as Captain America and gives hope to his fellow heroes to find the Cosmic Cube fragments before Hydra does, Namor told Winter Soldier that the time has come to remove his disguise and help their fellow allies.

During the heroes' final raid against Hydra, Winter Soldier rescues Black Panther, who was captured by Hydra and they apprehend Zemo together. Once entering the cube thanks to Ant-Man, and Sam's distraction, Winter Soldier manages to save both Kobik and Steve Rogers, restoring the reality and restoring both Steve's physical appearance on the surface, as well as wearing his iconic Captain America costume, and his Super Soldier serum powers.

Winter Soldier wanted to help his friend defeating his evil Hydra counterpart, but Sam told him to stand down and let Captain America do this alone. Someone snipes the general and Winter Soldier suspects that it might be Black Widow. He is soon joined by Hawkeye in the search for Natasha's impostor who they discover to be Yelena Belova , who temporarily replaced Natasha as the Black Widow ten years prior.

Having trained under Steve Rogers the original Captain America in World War II and others in the time leading up to World War II, "Bucky" Barnes is a master of hand-to-hand combat and martial arts, as well as being skilled in the use of military weapons such as firearms and grenades. He also used throwing knives on occasion and was a gifted advance scout. His time as the covert Soviet agent known as the Winter Soldier helped to further hone his skills, making him the equal to his predecessor in combat skills and an expert assassin and spy.

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Winter Soldier's left arm is a cybernetic prosthetic with superhuman strength and enhanced reaction time. The arm can function when not in contact with Barnes and can discharge an EMP causing electronics to either shut down or become useless. The arm has a holographic function to disguise it as a flesh and blood arm. He often carries several conventional weapons such as knives, guns—mostly a Colt A1.

In this alternate reality set in one of DC Comics' numerous " Elseworlds " continuities , Bucky dies off-page as he had done in numerous Avengers and Captain America recollections. In the alternate reality of the five-issue Bullet Points miniseries Jan. However, Rogers volunteers for the 'Iron Man' program and as such, saves Barnes and several fellow soldiers from an advancing tank during the battle of Guadalcanal.

Unfortunately he is not swift enough to save Barnes from severe damage to his legs. Nuke and Mimic served as a distraction while Agent Barnes sneaked into Magneto's headquarters; [72] and though he fatally stabs Professor Xavier, Bucky was killed by Magneto. In the second issue of the crossover miniseries Marvel Zombies vs.

This version of the Winter Soldier is ultimately killed by Ash Williams , who shoots his head off with his " boomstick ", even having shot off his bionic arm. This version is Steve's childhood friend who accompanies on missions as an Army press photographer. During which, Bucky is diagnosed as having lung cancer from chain smoking back in the War.

Barnes and Gail both live to see Steve's revival in the 21st century and renews their friendship. After America was taken by the Liberators, Bucky is captured at a cemetery with Steve and remains unseen. Bucky was accompanied here by two assistants that are both addressed by their real names.

In the What If?

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His mercenary tendencies led to Rogers' desertion, and when he later intervened in Rogers' transformation into Captain America, his face was destroyed, turning him into an undead being known as the White Skull. In Ruins , which is set in a dystopian alternate future, Bucky is taken into custody alongside Victor Creed and others for several heinous crimes, including cannibalism. An alternate-universe Bucky appears in the miniseries Captain America Corps. In a world where all the Marvel characters are small children depicted in A-Babies vs.

Ded Girls (Dirk Garrick, Occult Detective #2)

He is stolen by Scott Summers, igniting an enormous battle between the baby Avengers and the baby X-Men. Bucky as a teenager appeared as a member of the Battleworld Runaways during " Secret Wars ". A female version of Bucky Barnes named Sgt. Rebecca "Becky" Barnes appears in Exiles Vol. She joins the Exiles and is in a relationship with Valkryie. Before becoming gladiators in the Killiseum the two were inspired by the heroism of Sam Wilson and joined the Super Soldier program and fought in the war together but eventually lost.

Both characters are implied to be lovers in this universe. Brubaker : That wasn't how I looked at it. Look at what he said—"Remember who you are". He didn't say, "Become who I think you are".

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Or, "Be Bucky". It was very straightforward. Which is more the tragedy, since Bucky immediately has this immense guilt for everything he did as the Winter Soldier. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Marvel Comics fictional superhero. Bucky Barnes as Winter Soldier. Promotional art for Captain America vol. See also: The Death of Captain America. Timely's first comic, Marvel Comics 1, likewise had no number on its cover, and was released with two different cover dates.

Retrieved May 17, April 30, Retrieved July 28, Last Retrieved November 10, Marvel Comics. Comic Book Resources News. Retrieved September 26, Retcon Punch! Retrieved 14 May The Fandom Post. Archived from the original on October 1, Retrieved September 29, The Futon Critic. Retrieved October 6, Avengers Assemble. Season 2. Episode 4.

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